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Garden Club will restart January 2018


Garden Club is run for Year 2 children by Mrs Helena Woolrich and Mrs Dawn Dovey.

Letters will be sent out in December inviting Year 2 children to join the Club.

Numbers are limited to 8 per class, but to ensure that all children who want to take part in Garden Club can do so, there will be 8 children per term.

Garden Club are Doing Something Great For Nature


If any of you watched Winterwatch on the BBC in January, you will have seen Chris Packham launch the 'Do Something Great' campaign by making a wildlife pond using an old washing up bowl. We have used an old Belfast sink to make ours. Many thanks to Mr Turner for making the sink waterproof and for placing it in the hole Garden Clubbers dug last week. We have put in some large pebbles so any visiting wildlife can climb out and placed some plants in it so anything small can hide.


BBC Spring watch Web and Facebook pages 'Do Something Great' campaign are doing one thing for nature each month and February's thing for nature was to sow a wildlife meadow in a storage box. The Garden Clubbers have made one of these too and this is situated alongside the wildlife pond in the vegetable patch just outside the dining hall. Any children and parents who drop off or pick up from breakfast club/after school club will be able to watch the plants grow and look out for any visiting wildlife in the pond. PLEAE LOOK, DON'T TOUCH.


We would like to decorate around the pond, maybe with some se shells. If anyone finds any when they are on the beach please feel free to drop them into the office.

Garden Club January 2017





Despite the cold wet weather last term, the garden clubbers got the season off to a good start.


On the dryer days we litter picked the field and wildlife garden and weeded some of the vegetable patch. We sowed various seeds such as broadbeans, peas, cosmos, antirrhinum, livingstone daisy and aquilegia and we planted daffodil bulbs in pots, which you wlll see out the front of school. We also transplanted some strawberry plants into bigger pots.


On the wetter colder days we made cress caterpillars, grass heads and made a seed picture for the garden clubbers to take home.


Grass Head

                                                 Grass Head 1

Grass Head

Grass Head 1

Chitting Potatoes

Chitting Potatoes 1

Pea Plants

Pea Plants 1

Cosmos Seedlings

Cosmos Seedlings 1

Marigold Seedlings

Marigold Seedlings 1


Broadbeans 1