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St Mildred's Primary Infant School

St Mildred’s Primary Infant School

Gardening Club

                           Gardening Club 2019

We have been busy over the last two weeks. We have planted our sweet peas and painted rocks to decorate our environment.









The sweet peas have started to sprout and some of the clubbers have reported that the ones they took home are sprouting too! Hopefully we will have some pictures to share soon.






Our School Sweet Peas!!!

WOW ! Sweet peas, Cress Elves and Delicious Soup!!!

The first group of our re-launched garden club finished this week.


Thank you to everyone for all your hard work. In the final session we made bird feeders in old cups and mugs and cheerio feeders with string and pipe cleaners. 


Mr Spray, who teaches Forest School, took the extra feeders that the clubbers made to the Forest School area. His group helped to hang them in the trees. He reported that the birds were very excited with their treats.


  • Don't forget we love to hear from you.
  • Let us know how your plants are doing
  • Did the birds enjoy your feeders
  • What did you enjoy most about your time at Gardening Club.


We will post any of your pictures or writing onto our club page.

Making Our Bird Feeders

Welcome to the new Garden Clubbers.

We have already been so busy.


In our first session we decided to make more  bird feeders as the weather has changed and the birds enjoyed a feast over the Christmas holidays and we needed to replenish them. Mr Turner took groups to the forest school area to hang them in the trees. We will need to keep an eye on them.


In our next session we explored the school garden to see what jobs needed doing. The broad beans have taken off and needed re potting but as we probably have frosty weather to come they will need to stay in the greenhouse a little longer.


Weeding is a job that we have to keep on top of. We worked very hard and learnt the names of the tools and how to use them safely.





Repotting, Digging, Hoeing and Raking

Mini Greenhouses


We made mini greenhouses so that we could do some winter sowing. We planted tomatoes, herbs and flowers.


1. First we decorated our milk cartons.

2. Then we prepared the jug for planting by cutting the carton almost all the way round about half way up.

3. Then we added drainage holes.

4. We filled the bottom half we soil and seeds

5. Next we taped the top and bottom together with duct tape. We will be taking the tape off later in the season when the temperatures warm up.

6. Now the mini greenhouses are ready to take outdoors, even in the snow, if we get any.

7. as the weather warms up we will flip back the top on nice days and close them at night until the temperature stay above freezing then we can leave them off completely.




We have been finishing off our mini greenhouses and we made some amazing 'Grassheads' to take home.

Look below at our photographs and don't forget, 'Garden Clubbers', to keep us updated on their progress.

We would love to hear from you either writing, drawing, emailing or photographs, then we can add these to our website page.

Our Trip to the Garden Centre

Mrs Morgan arranged for us to vist the local garden centre. Mr turner drove us there in the school mini-bus.


We all listened carefully to the instructions



We are breaking up the lumps in the soil and removing any stones so our seeds can grow.

We planted our seeds and peppers to take home.

Finally we looked around the garden centre and using our sense of smell discovered some wonderful fragrant plants called hyacinths. We also found some delicate crocus plants too!!







We all had an amazing time at the last session of the 

gardening club. 


Please keep looking at our page for updates on all the projects we have started and please do send in any photographs of the plants you have taken home and we will post them on our page.



In the  first session we planned to make seed balls, plant out our broad beans that have been growing in the greenhouse and to weed the beds and litter pick the school to keep our environment clean and tidy.



We have lots of work to do.

The weeds can take a hold very quickly.


  • We have planted out the broad beans into a lovely new raised bed that Mr Turner kindly made for the club.
  • We have planted seed potatoes into old tyres and plastic bags
  • We have made a scarecrow
  • We have experimented by slicing a tomatoes and planting the slices to see what happens!
  • We have made wigwams for the sweet peas to climb up.
  • We made bunny planters with carrot seeds to take home




We have been very very busy.

Thank you to all the clubbers this term, we have achieved so much.


Please please send in any photographs via the school office email or draw us a picture and we will add it to the gallery.


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