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Mathsthe key is to practise counting and number recognition in any way. Also any games that practise addition and subtraction skills. For year 2 practising tables and tables facts for 2s 5s and 10s is also key.

Dice games – please see our website for more ideas –


Roll and Build


  1. Roll the dice and count the amount (use anything practical eg lego, beads, buttons). Roll the dice and add on!   This can be played in reverse – start with 20 and roll the dice to see what to take away.
  2. Roll two dice and add the dots – write a number sentence to go with it

Eg roll a 3 and a 4, write 3+4=      

This can also be done with dominoes – pick a domino and add the dots


Get cooking at home as this is a great way to develop an understanding of weighing and measuring as well as a fun thing to do together – click on the link to find out more and for a list of vocabulary children will learn when cooking.


Reading and Writing


Write about what you do each day. What toys did you play with? Did you watch any good movies or read any good books? What were they about?

Reading – shared reading of books and stories that you have at home. Can you spot tricky words that you know in them?

See our English section of the website:

Here you will find common exception words list to practise spelling and handwriting letter formation information plus lots of ideas for Letters and Sounds phonics games to play.


Follow this link to the Kidszone with lots of games to play online in all subject areas. link for ideas to do online


Twinkl are offering some free School Closure Packs that have lots of ideas. Create yourself a free account and then they are available to download.


Also please remember to look at your child’s Home Learning Journal as they have a list of activities related to their topic in there for them to complete. We have now also put these on the website in each year group section.