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Online Safety

Online safety at St Mildred’s

All children in our school are taught how to stay safe online and how to use online devices safely as part of our Online Safety curriculum.

Our Year group termly planning incorporates online safety.

We have a set of rules that the children agree to before they can use the internet or mobile devices. A copy of this agreement is also sent home as part of our New Parents Pack when they start in reception so that you can support your child in their use of ICT at home. (Copies of these agreements and our school policies can be found under Key information)

Use the web links to help your child learn about staying safe when using the internet. You could see what Hector and his Friends get up to in Hector’s World or join Lee & Kim on their Animal Magic Adventure.      


We also use Hectors safety button which the children click to hide the screen if they have seen anything that makes them feel uncomfortable. You can follow the link below to down load Hector on to your computers at home too!


Here are some links to useful information for parents to help you keep your children safe online.

CEOP Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre – This is the National Crime Agencies website and is full of useful information for parents and children.  

IF you have any immediate concerns or online issues click the Make a CEOP report button on this website (on the right hand side of the page) and you will receive help, advice and support.

Other useful websites with information, games and resources:

Keep Children Safe Online leaflet






Safer Internet Day


Click below for our Parents Online Safety Newsletter from our Safer Internet Day

Online Safety Policy

Click below to read our Online Safety policy

Online safety Update

From time to time we are made aware of new issues or concerns in the field of online safety.  Through this page you can keep updated with the latest news.  As an infant school many of these threats are unlikely to apply to children in our school’s age-range, but we feel families in our school community may still benefit, especially those with older siblings. Click below for the latest updates and information.



Other Useful Information