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Spellings Year 1

Spellings 9th March 2018


shop stop drop
old bold cold


Spellings - 23rd February 2018


Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Thursday Friday Saturday


Spellings 9th February 2018


rule mule cube
tune tube prune


Spellings week ended 2 February 2018


hope slope mole
alone lone home


Spellings week ended 26 January 2018


lane game shame
blame male planes



Spellings - Week 6 Friday 20th October 2017


they was he
of the she


Spellings - Week 5 Friday 13th October 2017


out what Mr
Mrs looked oh


Spellings Week 4 - Friday 29th September 2017


said have like
were there little


Spellings - Week 3 Friday 22nd September 2017


are you  all
her they  stronger


Spellings - Week 2 Friday 15th September 2017


he she me
we was be


Spellings Week 1 - Friday 8th September 2017



I to into
go no the




Term 2 Spellings

Term 1 Spellings


Spellings - Week 1 


hair fairy fair
pair stairs chair


Spellings Week 2


fear spear ears
beard rear dear


Spellings Week 3


sure pure mature
manure lure cure


Spellings Week 4


curl fur curly
burn burger blur


Spellings - Week 5


Phase 5


oh their people
Mr Mrs looked



Phase 4


bar star car
goat moan loan