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Keeping Safe Online





It is really important that we learn how to be safe when we are online using computers, tablets and phones.

At St Mildred’s we have our own special rules that we learn about to help us stay safe online.


Our School Online safety Rules


  • I will only use the internet when an adult is with us.
  • I will only click on buttons and links when I know what they can do.
  • I can send emails, with my teacher, to people I know or that my teacher has approved.
  • Emails and messages I write will be polite and friendly.
  • I understand that I must not give out my personal details or passwords.
  • If I see something I am unhappy with I will tell an adult straight away.
  • I understand that if I break these rules I may be stopped from using the internet or computers.

At school we use Jessie and Friends to help us learn how to keep safe.

Click on this link to watch their videos, play games and learn more.


At school we also learn that if we see anything online that makes us feel worried or unhappy then we can click on Hector, who swims in the corner of our screens. He will hide things for us and then we can tell an adult.

Don’t forget you can ask your parents to download the Hector button onto your computer at home using the link below.


If you need help when you are online and you are worried always talk to an adult you trust.


If you need some more help then click the button below to go to CEOP who can help you report anything you might be worried about.










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