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Spellings Year 1

Spellings - Week ending 10th May 2019


unkind unhappy untidy
unwrap unfair unpack
unsafe unzip undo


Spellings Week Ending 05th April 2019


wanted turned cheered
shouted started looked
sorted screamed dreamed


Spellings Week Ending 15th March 2019


poke spoke home
woke boat float
toes woes grow
flow elbow  


Spellings Week Ending 8th March 2019


make came ride
slide nice huge
tube these even



Spellings week ending 1st March 2019


week seat chief
read weep mischief
sorry only funny



Spellings Week Ending 18th January 2019


like shine light
high fried tie
find behind sky


Term 2


Spellings - Week Ended 2nd November 2018


there what when
today of his


Spellings - Week Ended 9th November 2018


out has your
by here where


Spellings - Week Ended 16th November 2018


love once ask
friend school oh


Spellings - Week Ended 23rd November 2018


Mrs people their
put push pull


Spellings - Week Ended 30th November 2018


called Mr looked
full house our



Spellings - Week Ending 21 September 2018


I no go
the to into


Spellings - Week Ending 28th September 2018


he she we
said have like


Spellings - Week Ending 5th October 2018


me be you
so do some


Spellings - Week Ending 12th October 2018


are her was
come is by


Spellings - Week Ending 19th October 2018


all they my
were little one








Term 1 Spellings