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St Mildred's Primary Infant School

St Mildred’s Primary Infant School


Mr J Williams - Executive Headteacher

    Executive Head Teacher's Welcome


Welcome to St Mildred's Primary Infant School website. 

We hope you enjoy your visit.  


The staff, governors, children and parent/carers at St Mildred's Primary Infants are very proud of our successful and popular school.  We have been part of the Broadstairs community for over 100 years since being built in 1914 and we continue to thrive.  We are federated with Bromstone Primary School (Broadstairs), which means that we share a Governing Board and an Executive Headteacher.


In 2016 we were judged by Ofsted to be an Outstanding school and this continued in our most recent inspection in November 2021.  Ofsted found that 'Leaders are determined that pupils should receive an excellent education so that they can leave St Mildred's as informed and well-rounded individuals.  This vision is understood by staff and executed with much skill and passion'.


Our school environment provides children with challenging and exciting learning opportunities that ensure they are empowered to think and question.  We intend to develop our pupils' independence through child centred learning, giving opportunities across the curriculum.  These include many chances to learn outside the classroom which provide children with real life learning experiences.  We believe these learning opportunities should actively engage the children and encourage them to aim high in all they do.


At St Mildred's we are committed to bringing out the very best in our children and equipping them with the skills they will need for the future.  We place great emphasis on the well-being and personal development of every child and encourage them to have self-discipline, tolerance and a sense of responsibility for others and the environment.


We are an inclusive school and celebrate diversity and, therefore, respect all children regardless of ability, gender, ethnicity or religion.


Our school values are: Honesty, Enjoyment, Achievement, Respect and Teamwork.



We hope you enjoy looking at our website.

Senior Leadership Team 


Mrs E Hill - Head of School                  


Mrs H Crutchley - Head of School     




Mrs A Rosedon - Assistant Head




Mrs J Read - Business Manager             




Mr N Reeves - SENCO


Mrs A Cliff - FLO          


Reception Teachers


Miss C Hicks - Palm Bay                      


Miss S Stream - Kingsgate Bay            


Mrs S Morgan - Louisa Bay          


Reception Support Staff


Mrs A Hooker           
Miss S Tumber         
Miss L Farmer      
Miss L Nichol            
Miss L Thorp





Year 1 Teachers


Miss C Chaoui-Taylor - Stone Bay       


Mrs A Rosedon - Minnis Bay        


Mrs T Keeler - Pegwell Bay           
Mrs L Perry - Pegwell Bay  


Year 1 Support Staff




Miss I Scott           


Mrs E Aslin            


Miss Y Sunley       


Mrs B Rees              


Mrs H Heslop        


 Miss L Knight           

Year 2 Teachers


Mrs A Smith - Joss Bay             


Mrs J Jackson - Joss Bay          


Miss J Bridgeland - Viking Bay


Mrs J Smith - Botany Bay             


Support Teacher

Mrs J Hill                                      


Year 2 Support Staff



Mrs B Gerlack                       


Mrs L Gardner                       


Mrs C Page                           


Miss B Harding                    


Miss L Nichol                


Mrs A Jones                         



Non Class Based

 Learning Mentor and Thrive Practitioner

Miss C Brown                                       


Office Staff

Mrs J Read - Business Manager                      
Mrs S Long - Admin/Finance Assistant          
Miss L Arnold - Attendance Officer 




Site Manager


Mr D Turner                                             


Site Staff


Mr C Garrard 


Mrs P Quick


Mrs J Gorniak-Naumowicz


I.T. Technician


Mr B Cliff                   


Sports Coach

Mr J Cook                                      


Catering Team

Mrs S Evans - Catering Manager


Miss K Jordan - Catering Supervisor


Mrs C Martin - Catering Assistant


Forest School

Mrs B Morriss                             


Breakfast & After School Club

Mrs C Page         
Mr B Cliff
Miss I Scott
Miss S Tumber   
Mrs A Jones
Miss L Farmer    


We do not currently have any employees whose gross salary exceeds £100,000.


We currently have no staff who undertake duties as union officials. 

Dream Big – Aim High – Make a Difference